Welcome to my blog, I am itehax, a developer from Italy.

By the time you read this post probably, I will be attending computer science college.

I have several passions, although we can now call them habits, including:

  1. Computer science,from the more practical point of view such as programming,but also from a more theoretical point of view 💻.

  2. Boxe,I like to train every day 🥊.

  3. Reading, either books on personal growth, or books on classical literature and philosophy 📚.

What should be expected from this blog

  1. Programming post, I have several projects in mind and I will comment/write down what I have learnt useful.

  2. Posts on reverse engineering, malware analysis and game hacking, regarding these topics,I will always post several projects and open a youtube channel, especially on the use of rust in this field 🦀.

  3. Finally, reviews of books read by me.